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Happy Birthday DD!

Tomorrow most of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving...but someone special will also be celebrating a birthday. My dad, Clarence Edward Dossett will be 86 years old. I had the pleasure to travel to Houston, TX this past week-end with my brother Sammy (from Hattiesburg) and my oldest son, Ryan. Dad is having some health issues, but Helen is so wonderful to keep them under control. I will have to say, if it wasn't for Helen, I am pretty sure he might not still be with us. Thank you Helen!

I have often listed the wonderful memories about a person on their for each year. So, here goes!

1. My dad loves the Lord.
2. He taught me how to drive.
3. I was his favorite (tee hee).
4. He loved my mother, even when it was hard.
5. He took me to church.
6. He can remember every joke he ever knew....only 80 more to go!
7. People smile when he is around.
8. He is kind.
9. He is quick to say he is sorry!
10. He would read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve when I was young.
11. Dad loved sports. (ones he could watch on TV)
12. He asked me to sing my first solo (when I was 8) for his Sunday School open assembly.
13. I had a car.
14. He always acted like he was proud of me.
15. He loves my children.
16. He took me on a business trip to Miami when I was 13.
17. Dad taught me about life.
18. He gave me away at my wedding, and cried.
19. He believed in people and gave them chances to improve thier lives.
20. Dad shared with others.
21. He was very intellegent.
22. I was proud of his accomplishments, even though he left high school.
23. I would have loved to see him on the ship when he was in the Navy.
24. Dad loved watching his sons play ball.
25. He was always easy to talk to.
26. Dad continues to read the Bible and desires to be a better person.
27. He loves music.
28. Everytime I see him, he gives me something.
29. When we talk on the phone, he shares a tidbit of spiritual understanding.
30. He worked hard.
31. When life dealt lemons, he prayed.
32. He taught me life was worth going after.
33. He paid for my college.
34. He would have the leaves raked every Thanksgiving for the grandchildren to jump in.
35. He has friends.
36. I love the way Helen and Dad have such love.
37. He gets sick if he sees blood.
38. He proved me wrong...and was great at taking care of my mother after her stroke.
39. The church was very important to him.
40. He cries.
41. When I ran for Treasurer in High School, he paid for an airplane to drop flyers asking for votes over the high school. (I won...)
42. He made me believe I could do anything.
43. He didn't interfere in my marriage gone wrong.


44. Dad continues to want to learn.
45. Never yelled at me.
46. Spanked me one time...but diciplined me other ways.
47. How could I have gone this long without mentioning...HE is a GREAT Cook!
48. He likes things neat.
49. He always choped up things when mother was cooking.
50. Dad respected all people.
51. He was born in Moselle, MS.
52. My brothers loved and respected my dad and would do anything for him.
53. He opened an all black theather in the late 50's.
54. Dad was respected.
55. He continue to prays for me, his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.
56. I can still remember the late night scary movies and he would sneak outside to knock on the window close to where I sat.
57. He tried a big garden in my teens...and still laughs at his inabilities!
58. He loved his mother and dad.
59. Dad has taught me to forgive others.
60. He still feels sorry for things he did wrong in his life.
61. I remember him becoming an umpire when Mom and I were not seeing eye to eye.
62. His loving me, caused me to understand the Love of God.
63. He let me cry on his shoulder when Ken broke up with me, Marvin didn't take me out, Tommy moved on, and Royce divorced me.
64. Was married to my mother for over 50 years.
65. Loves Helen in a very special way.
66. Has lost a daughter to cancer, watched as a son battles it, and does not blame God.
67. Spends hours listening to music.
68. Reads.
69. He would let me honk the horn on the gravel road behind Mama Dossett's house to let them know we were coming.
70. He would (and does) remind me that healthy eating is important.
71. I never heard my dad say a cuss word...I just thought of that.
72. Is going to join Mom and Judy in Heaven one day.
73. Dad has very good manners.
74. Dad appreciates the finer things of life and worked hard to provide them to Mom and his family.
75. He loves Jesus, and is not ashamed to talk of Him.
76. He thought the lemon pie I would make him were the best he had ever eaten.
77. He let me sleep with mom when I was afraid. (which was often)
78. Dad is fun to be around.
79. He loved the preachers of our church and respected their ministry.
80. Dad was understanding when mother wasn't.
81. I remember when Dad grew a beard for the centenial of our town...I guess that was the only one I saw on him...clean shaven guy!
82. Dad loves his family.
83. I am a better person due to his teachings.
84. Dad always cleaned up after himself. (maybe Mother trained him?)
85. He has touched the lives of others by anonomous gifts.
86. his 86th....I am proud to call him DAD!


Happy Thanksgiving

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