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Word for the Year

If you happen to visit my sure you read all the entries for December 31, 2008...I am on a roll.

Again...I was blog hopping and came across this blog (
...take a read. THEN...determine what your word for 2009 will be...leave me a comment.

My word for the you may read in posts Align


Spelled Pronunciation [uh-lahyn] –verb (used with object)

1. to arrange in a straight line; adjust according to a line.

2. to bring into a line or alignment. bring into cooperation or agreement with a particular group, party, cause, etc

I want to be aligned to God and His purpose for my life.
I want to be aligned to a healthy lifestyle.
I want to be aligned to my husband.
I want to be aligned to other memeber's of my family, friends, collegues.
Ok...leave me YOUR Word for 2009. I am going to talk with Andrea and see if we can do a GIVE A WAY!!!! Andrea makes jewelry and I will work with her to have the winners WORD created!
It will be drawn from the comments!!! WHAT FUN!!!

Project 365

As I was blog jumping this afternoon, I came across a great post. Thought I would share with you...365 Project

I plan to start January 1, 2009. How many of you will start??? Let's keep up with each others' projects and see how they evolve...let me hear from you. Please leave a comment of "commitment" to this project. SOUNDS TOO COOL!!!

So let's GO!

Found another site...great idea!

Getting Aligned in 2009

Where will the road take me in this new year?
On the brink of a new most favorite word picture comes to mind. I have now adopted "Getting Aligned in 2009" as my New Year's Slogan. But...back to the word picture. Get the image of being a car or vehicle. There are four tires...and this is where the image gets important. Each tire represents a part of life. Tire One will represent being the Spiritual Tire...the Second Tire - Mental Tire...Third = Emotional Tire and finally the Fourth Tire - Physcial Tire. Imagine going down the road of life with a flat tire or a tire being overly filled. The ride would be very uncomfortable, gas mileage...not good, and the destination may not be reached.
I desire to get aligned in these areas in the upcoming new year. here is where I have to be vulnerable and tell all about my ride! physcial tire is flat...and my emotional tire is so pumped up it is close to a blow out! It will take being an expert mechanic...but I am willing to work on it!
Here is my plan for keeping my ride smooth!
1) Physical tire - I am joing Weight Watchers January 5th and plan to lose 70 pounds. I also will start "moving" instead of sitting around!
1 Corinthians 6:19
19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
2)Spiritual tire - Prayer and Bible Reading is the roadway to a better relationship with God and His son, Jesus. I will depend on the Holy Spirit as I align myself to Him.
John 5:39-40
39You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me,
3) Emotinal tire - HERE is the tire that gives me the most is always over filled. I know that God gives the gifts, but the enemy can get in there a mess them up. I will work on my "feelings." How often do I get angry over nothing, sad watching a commercial, hilariously happy, or fretful? I want to be a RESPONDER...not a REACTOR!
James 1:25-27 If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless.
4) Mental tire - I realize to give my emotional tire in better shape, my mental tire needs to be utilized more often. To be aligned in '09...I will have to make a choice to be more mental when trials, disagreements, confusion, well...You get the picture! The choice is MINE!
Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.
I am ready to continue my trip through life, more aligned in 2009!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to YOU! I hope anyone who stops by virtually will know I am wishing you a great day. I pray that you will spend time with family and friends.

Thank you God for the gift you gave us...Jesus Christ, your Son.



It was fun and not much trouble to grab the METRO and travel to downtown Washington. We rode the Blue Line from King Street to the Smithsonian stop where we visited the Holocaust Museum. What a sobering experience! It is amazing to realize how bad humans can be!

We then boarded the Blue Line and got off at the Arlington Cemetary. For those who have never experienced the Changing of the Guard take a look:
I did not do this video but it gives you an idea...when we were there it was 5:00 pm the last change...the sun was going down and there were only about 10 onlookers. It was awesome.

Back on the BLUE LINE to Capitol South stop and 4 miles of walking around the monuments. Our nations capitol is wonderful. I am so proud to be an American!
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Washington DC at night

What a wonderful time to be in DC! Cathy Davis, Denise Sibley (from RCU) and Chris Wall (from MDE) and I spent 5 days at National Staff Development Council Conference. It was a wonderful session and also spent some time site seeing. The Christmas tree I am standing by is the Mississippi Tree in front of the White House.

We had to travel by water taxi back to our hotel...the lights in the distance in one of the snapshots it the Gaylord Hotel - National.

Riding on the Metro I heard several conversations of preparations for the Inaugural coming up in January. One young lady was telling her friend that she had put her apartment on Craig's List for $10,000.00. She is within walking distance to the Capitol. They are projecting that over 4 million visitors will be there...I bet she gets her money!
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It was a sad day, but it did give us a chance to have a family picture together. I guess this
is the first one in a long time. Amy Sesser (Brandon's wife)then Brandon, Marilyn, Kacy, Ryan with Daley his son in front of him. There is Rain in front of Daley and Brent.

Please continue to pray for my children as they walk through the loss of their dad.
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Remembering Royce

Royce Scott Sesser (08.31.48 - 11.29.08) We were married for 24 years of his life. We had four precious children, Ryan (34), Kacy (32), Brandon (28), and Brent (25). We also had 2 grandchildren, Daley (12) and Rain (4).

Since Michelle, his wife of 11 years called me last Saturday morning to share the sad news, I have spent many hours remembering. Even though the water was rough that ran under our bridge, I'll have to say "the ride" was worth it.

He used to say..."I've been married to Marilyn for X amount of years...and 2 of them were happy!" Proposed to be a is almost true. I don't want to spend the last few hours thinking of our rocky marriage...I want to share what God has done in the last few months.

Several Saturdays ago, I made the trip to the Veteran's Memorial Home, where Royce was the last few months since he suffered a stroke. I had not seen him in several years. I am so grateful I took the time to visit him and spend a few minutes with him along with Brandon, Brent and Ryan. I was saddened as I watched him in his suffering. God knew more than I, the visit would be the last.

Also, Michelle has been so considerate of my children and me by including us on every move and plan she makes about the funeral...which will be December 3, 2008 at Annunciation in Columbus, MS at 11:00am. I will always be grateful to Michelle for including me and our children in Royce's farewell.

I praise God for the good times Royce and I shared together. I would not be who I am today had he not traveled through my life. God, be merciful and welcome Royce to abide with you.
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