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Savage Chickens

I'm sure you might remember my love for chickens. If you are new to my blog refer back to The Chicks. Well tonight I was visiting new friends blogs, branching out on their bloglists and ended on Smiling Sally and found Savage Chickens. How awesome is this?! Visit his post it note cartoon site.


Let's Get together....YEA YEA YEA.... click on the link on the left that says 'follow this blog'. I will be following yours too! Thanks:)


Brian and Brent
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Brian and Melissa


This is a test. I see all the blog sites with signatures and I came across a site to create one. So this is a test to determine how to add my signature. Here goes...

Doesn't look too good on my blue...but I will play around with the site and create one that may look better. Take a few minutes and create YOUR Signature!

Check this one out:

Free Personal signatures - cool!



TV Update

Someone asked me today...well, what about the TV? We recently received the credit card bill...and YES...half of the cost of a TV was there. I guess I should be grateful they split the cost. OK, should I turn the story over to FOX and FRIENDS?


Tina as Palin

I am afraid this Skit may even HELP Palin...I am pretty sure that WAS not the intent. TOO FUNNY

Birthday Thank-You

Amy, Ashliegh, Betsey, Diane, Kelly, and Leanne

OK...I spent the wonderful Birthday gift card from Barnes & Noble. I am now listening to "The Condition" by Jennifer Haigh. View the video with the author about the book.

I am already picking up on the author's main theme of "condition." You are led to believe the condition of record is the disease the young daughter has...but AHHHH, there are many "conditions" in this story.

It was so hard to pick the right one...but I am enjoying this. Thank ya'll so much for making my birthday special and knowing JUST what would make me happy.


How neat! Now I see how I can create the scrapbook page and add it. I love it!
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I am in trouble now...this is too COOL!!! I will be sharing this site with everyone I know. When you push play, I am using the free version which has advertising. Click the little button on the corner. This was a I will get better!

I saw this on a blog as I was lurking.. I agreed, that it would be a great way to let people know more about me.

7 things I plan to do before I die:

Lose 50 pounds
Run in a race.
Tell others about what God means to me
Help on a Habitat for Humanity house
Keep Learning
Show God's love to my children and grandchildren
Travel with Charles

7 things I can do:

Teach wonderful future teachers
Sing a song
Watch the birds
Sit in front of a computer
Pray for others
7 things I cannot do:

Fix peoples' problems
Be patient
Turn my face away from injustices
Run a marathon
Understand our government
Stop eating sweets
Watch scary movies

7 things I say most often:

I love you!
Can I get you something?
Let's Go!
Old dogs can learn new tricks.
Where is my phone?
Thank you, God.
7 celebrity crushes: HILARIOUS..

Tom Cruise...I must be at least a foot taller than him
Kevin Costner
Cesar Milon ?(Dog Whisperer! HA!)
Rocky Balboa...not Sylvester Stallone
Adam Sandler because of 50 First Dates
Mickey Mouse
Robert Redford
7 People who I want to know these things about
Melanie Smith
Donna Manning
Jenny Manning Holloway
Glenda Nadeu
Leanne Long
Susan Watson
anyone else who will take the time...


Birthday Wishes

September 5th was my birthday...OK mark your calendars for next year!!! HA!

Charles gave me a birthday card and the message was so meaningful to me so I want to pass it on to anyone who may pass this way!

I wish you these gifts on your birthday

Trust...that whatever happens, there is someone who will understand.
Honesty...the feeling that you never need to hold back. being accepted for who you really are. outlook more than appearance. be yourself, to change, and to grow. every day, in every memory, and in your hopes for the future. last a lifetime, and perhaps beyond. (no PERHAPS TO IT! ;-)

This is for you, too!


Thanks Glenda...a neat site

You Belong in 1988

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Going back to the post about our trip to Dallas, TX. Melissa Watson provided the photo from our dinner at the Texas de Brazil. We had such a good time. In the picture...Brent Sesser, Marilyn Bowen, Charles Bowen, Brian Bowen, and Melissa Watson. I am ready to go back. THANKS MELISSA FOR THE PICTURE!


1969 was a great year!

TOO Funny! OK Donna and Glenda ... TAG You're IT. You have to go to this great site Yearbook Yourself! If the hair was a bit lighter...that is how I TRIED to wear my curly hair in the 60's. Yes, I ironed my hair...slept in large orange juice cans, and often tried to get my hair professionally straightened.
Brandon (3rd child is 1999 graduate) had a call from the committee planning a 10 year reunion for his hit me between the eyes...40 years for ME. I will be creating a blog to commemorate that event at a later date!


Kacy's article

I have to brag and share Kacy's article. She has moved to a different position at the NWI TIMES and is writing a column.

Kacy's article in the The Times Northwest Indiana

Dear China:
Wait -- let me say it again.Wow.The spectacle that was the 2008 Summer Olympics was incredible. The best by a long shot -- or long jump if you're into track and field.An appreciation for the Olympics has always been in my blood. I was born 48 hours before the 1976 Montreal Games. In fact, my first day home from the hospital was spent in my mother's arms watching the opening ceremony.I, of course, have no memory of Romania's 14-year-old Nadia Comaneci scoring seven perfect 10s or her three gold medals. But as soon as I was old enough to understand the significance of it all, my mother filled me in on every detail.

When I was 4 years old, the United States led a 60-country boycott of the Games in Moscow, unhappy with the Russians' 1979 war with Afghanistan. As a child, I couldn't comprehend what a boycott meant, but I do remember bits from the Freedom Games, held in Philadelphia.The red, white and blue stars from the logo of the 1984 Los Angeles Games will forever be emblazoned in my memory, as will the games themselves. Twenty-four years later, I still remember Mary Lou Retton winning the women's all-around title. Los Angeles was where my love affair with track and field began. It was Carl Lewis' first Olympics, and where I learned it was possible to win four gold medals just for running fast. I was 8. It was impressive.The 1988 Seoul Games introduced me to American swimmers Janet Evans and Matt Biondi. I still remember my parents' gasps when Greg Louganis hit his head during the 3M springboard final, then the relief as he went on to win gold.Four years later in Barcelona it was all about the "Dream Team." Now athletes I already knew by name -- Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and the like -- could join together to represent our country. And represent they did. I remember gymnast Shannon Miller being edged out by her Russian counterpart Tatiana Gutsu for the women's all-around gold. On the 20th anniversary of the Munich massacre, Yael Arad became the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal, winning silver in judo -- a symbol of just how far things had come into world.In 1996, the Olympics came close to home. I was still living with my family in Mississippi when the athletes paid a visit to Atlanta. Those Games were special for another reason -- my nephew Daley. Born right before the competition began, it was me who held him during the opening ceremony as Muhaamad Ali lit the torch. Atlanta brought more golds for Lewis, highlighted Michael Johnson's speed and allowed the world to fall in love with Kerri Strug, who vaulted into our hearts with a one-foot landing for gold.I remember the 2000 Sydney Games more for Australian athletes like aboriginal runner Cathy Freeman and 17-year-old swimmer Ian Thorpe. But I won't soon forget the United States' gold medal and world record by the 4x100 medley relay team led by swimmer Dara Torres -- in her "last" Olympics.By 2004 in Athens, my love of the Games -- gasp -- began to wane. I know that Michael Phelps swam, the United States basketball team was beaten by Argentina and China won its first-ever gold medal in track and field. But the excitement I had always felt, the Olympic spirit in my blood, was losing.Fast forward four years, and back to China ...It's weird to want to thank a country that we are so afraid of right now, but the Chinese government, athletes, architects and citizens deserve a big round of applause.Phelps' eight gold medals will always seem more beautiful for me because they came out of Beijing's magnificent Water Cube. Torres' silver medals will forever be sparkling like the building did at night.The Bird's Nest -- with its interesting interworkings of beams -- impressed with both the opening and closing ceremonies and the stunning spectacle of track and field events held there. My shouts of excitement for the come-from-behind win for the American women in the 4x400 relay to the tears that fell after Lolo Jones hit the ninth hurdle and lost the gold will always be tied to the Chinese.Though there was scandal, discontent and discord, the world still came together for two glorious weeks to celebrate hard work, sport and sacrifice.And as far as I'm concerned, my love of the Games is back -- in a big way.
Thank you China.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.


September 1st

It is an effort...but I am back. After posting about Stella...I found it was hard to come back. But, favorite time of the year is here. So, I'm Back. I have to catch up with the three last weeks. Alot has gone on that I have not shared.

1st: All 6 grandchildren were at the house three week-ends ago. IT was so much fun to have them all there. My 12 year old grandsons are really changing from young boys to young men. Of course Rain (4 years old) caught some grief from being the youngest...boy do I remember that since I was the youngest also.

We swam, ate, played beauty shop (which the boys messed up), played ball, went to Racoon Ridge (just the boys) and shot Daley's BB Pistol. I was not good with BB guns as a can imagine how bad I am as a grandmother!

Thanks Brooke for taking the pictures for me. I kept telling the kids...that's all I want is a picture of ALL of you. Thanks Daley, Rain, Brett, Ally, Claire, and Kali for Mimi's pictures!

NEXT: Charles and I had being making plans to visit Brian and Melissa in Dallas, TX. So on August 22, 2008 we took off from Eupora at 7:30am to Dallas. Of course there had to be issues. I was following Charles (I was taking Brent's truck to him...more about that later) I noticed my back tire (Charles was driving my car) was low. We took it home, traded stuff into Charles' truck and we were off again.

The 8ish hour drive was not bad. Charles, so good with directions, took us straight to Brian and Melissa's downtown apartment. On Friday night Charles and I had our first experience with SUSHI ZUSHI on Turtle Creek. Kacy, I owe you an apology!!! You have tried to get me to eadt Sushi with you for years...OMG! It was favorites on their menu...Bora Bora and Cajun something...thanks Brian and Melissa.

On Saturday morning, I woke early to go pick up Brent at Sheppards Air Force Base, two hours away. He was excited about getting his pick-up and I was excited about seeing him. On Saturday night we went to Texas de Brazil Since Charles and family had lived in Brazil when Brian was little, we had looked forward to them being able to eat down memory lane. It was enjoyable hearing them speak portugese and talk about different memories. Brent and I just enjoyed the food. We had our picture taken...and as soon as Melissa finds her cord to her camera...I will add to the blog.

We left for home on Sunday. Good bye Dallas, Brent, Brian, Melissa...and Olympics closing ceremony.