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Ok goes!

Maybe I should spend more time house cleaning and less time blogging....NAY!

I love the smell of anything Charles is cooking when I get home from work.

People would say that funny...never meet a my family...look younger than I actually am.

I don't understand why Justin Cooper had to die, but I do know God allowed it and I pray others will seek God in this time of loss.

When I wake up in the morning I am grateful for a good nights rest, and look forward to what the day holds.

I lost my willpower to lose weight...I hope I can find it again.

Life is what you make it. Yes, an old saying, but true.

My past made me old...HA! I have alot of past, good, bad, and indifferent.

I get annoyed when I loose my temper...which is annoying!

Parties are not a good time to end a friendship.

Dogs are such great companions. They get excited everytime they see you. Don't ask for money...or the keys to the car.

Cats are self-centered, egotistical, but when they give you feels great.

Tomorrow is a sad day...Justin Cooper's body will arrive at the Columbus Airport and begin a sad week-end.

I have a low tolerance for those who don't try...even in failure you can learn.

I'm totally terrified of snakes. 'nuff said.

I wonder why I thought my life would be pain free.

I always knew I would have children. And I am so glad I did.

Never in my life have I lived outside of Mississippi.

High School was a LONG TIME AGO! I loved my high school years. OK...confession. My 40th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION will be in 2009.

When I'm nervous I talk alot. Well hmmm when I'm happy, I talk

One time at a family gathering...hard to think of ONE thing. When my children were young and my mother was alive...the family gathering I loved most was everyone at her house for Thanksgiving. Great Memories.

Take my advice and pray for your family, yourself, and others. "The prayers of a righteous man availeth much." He is always there listening.

Making my bed is not a daily occurance, but when it is made...I love it!

I'm almost always happy.


I want someone to COMMENT to this BLOG!

I tag Leanne, Amy, Suzan, Andrea, Morgan, Ashleigh, and Donna.


A Hero...A Friend...A Son...Justin Cooper

I was not sure what Charles was telling me yesterday morning through choking tears...I had to say "WHAT" several times before the true meaning of what he was saying surfaced. "Cooper was killed!"

Justin we affectionately referred to him, is a HERO. He desired to join the Marines to serve his country. We all watched as the young boy left a year after graduating high school at Eupora High School and returned a man.

He had served two tours in Iraq and was on his first to Afghanistan. Of course, we all felt...good, he will be safer there. WHAT WERE WE THINKING!??? Charles and I went to this HERO's house and hugged on his mom, Debra and his Dad, Allan. His picture in his dress blues smiled back at us. How do you comfort a mother who just lost her baby? Cry with her. Charles gulped back sobs as Allan shared what he knew. "I want to believe that he was gone immediatly without much pain. I bet his last thoughts were about us" I bet they were, too!

I spent most of the night with fond memories of the Friend he was to Brian (more like a brother), Brent, Cliff, Blake, Tom (A New Yorker, fellow marine who he introduced to Southern Hospitality during last Thanksgiving)...and hundreds more. He was such a likable young man. It will be hard to have a holiday meal without Coop stopping by...declining a plate of turkey and dressing upon arrival...but being talked into a plate before he left to go out with the guys. I can hear him say as he hugs me "Bye Ms Marilyn, I will see you soon!"

Last night visiting with Debra and Allan...I saw the son. Coop looks just like his mom. She shared a moment they had together the last time he was home. They agreed that they were the two "sane" members of the family...which caused Allan to ask...Well what about me??? A grin on his face. Leaving last night Allan asked for us to pray for them...he felt that was what will help them get through. And so, I ask you...Pray for Justin Cooper's family, friends, and fellow Marines.

We have lost another HERO.

Found On web in New York Paper

EUPORA, Miss. -- Family members said Marine Cpl. Justin Cooper of Eupora was killed Sunday in combat in Afghanistan.

Cooper's father, Alan Cooper, told The Clarion-Ledger newspaper that he was told by Marine officials who visited his home Sunday that the 22-year-old died after he was shot during a fire fight.
The U.S. Department of Defense has not confirmed the soldier's death.

After he graduated from Eupora High School in 2004, Justin Cooper attended Holmes Community College for one semester before enlisting in the Marines. He served two tours in Iraq.
Funeral arrangements are expected to be made later this week. His family has not been told when his body will arrive from overseas, the elder Cooper said.

Family members and friends are planning a candlelight vigil at 7 p.m. Sunday at White Creek Lake in Eupora.

Cooper is one of more than 60 military members with strong ties to Mississippi killed in Iraq or Afghanistan since those conflicts began.



Clarion-Ledger Leave a thought

I want to thank Stacy as she documents the lives and deaths of our military sons.


Happy Mother's Day

The most enjoyable career I have ever had was (and is) being a Mother. I read the blogs of other YOUNG mothers and think back 30ish years ago when I first became a mother. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up...I would say "A Mother!" Yes, all of my children are grown now, some married, some far away, but I have to stop and remember as Mother's Day approaches the joys, sad times, heartaches, and victories that are rolled into my life as a Mom.

My Top Ten Memories Of Being a Mother

10: When my first one was born...I sanitized every item of baby the time my 4th one came along...he was lucky if the dog didn't lick it first.

9: Raising polled herfords as a family allowed my childern to learn different things. The most memoriable one was...Kacy asking me "Did daddy breed you???" and Ryan responding..."of course silly...4 times!! (Yes, I have 4 children)

8: Four graduations from kindergarten and in just a turn of the head...4 graduations from High School.

7: Getting a call from my daugher AFTER she had been to Mardi Gras her freshman year of college.

6: Finding out on Christmas mornings for years without my knowledge, Kacy woke her three brothers to peek at what Santa Claus had left everyone under the wonder she was so upset the year Santa decided to wrap the gifts.

5: Learning first hand why "slice" is a golf term. Brent (age 5) had a great golf swing that connected to Brandon's (age 7) ear...stiches were needed!

4: Baseball, softball, football, band, soccer, sports...I enjoyed watching my children as they participated in the team sports. They tell me I enjoyed it more than they did...;-)

3: Watching all four go through the divorce and remarriage of their mother with grace and dignity even though they didn't ask for either.

2: Getting two phone almost 12 years ago and one 4 years ago announcing that I would be moving to a higher calling...GRANDMOTHER

1: But the most important, four precious trips to stand at the end of the aisle with each child as they trustingly gave their heart and life to God and professed their belief in Jesus.

I can't leave this topic without thinking of my Mother, Kathryn Maudel Barnes Dossett, who is now residing in Heaven. I would not be who I am today if not for her. She was dedicated to her family and loved each of her children. But, she loved the Lord and would spend time with Him and then teach us how to know Him. Thank you Mother! I love you and miss you.

I am sure this week-end I will be flooded with memories. But, the joy of being a mother to adults is even BETTER!


I had a great week-end with two of my grandchildren. Being a blended family, all of my grandchildren are special...for you see they almost all have been born since Charles and I married, so blood or by marriage...I have 6 grandchildren. But, this past week-end the two blood grands were around, so I had a great time with the camera, their posing, and then adding in their dads and mom. Daley is Ryan's almost 12 year old. He lives with his wonderful mom and step-dad and two younger siblings in Clinton. He loves to come see his Mimi. I have to fix French Toast when he visits and he eats until he can't fit one more bite! He loves to visit with his Dad, and they enjoy each other.

Daley and Ryan

If you look real close you can see such a resemblance. It is so fun to watch my sons interact with their sons. As a grandmother, it blesses me to see them do some of the same things that was done with them as children.
Brandon and Rain
There is a verse I would pray for my children and would like to pray for them and their children,
Isaiah 54:13 All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace.

What a wonderful freeing verse. As a parent I had such a driving idea that I should be always in a mode of "instruction and teaching" with relationship to my children. Just this moment as I have reread the above verse, how confident I am for my children and grandchildren WILL be taught by the Lord!! I look forward to hearing them share how the Lord has taught them, and lessons they have learned.
If Children are blessings from God...Grandchildren must be double portion!
Click on Daley and Rain Photo Album to see more of them!