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Happy Mother's Day

The most enjoyable career I have ever had was (and is) being a Mother. I read the blogs of other YOUNG mothers and think back 30ish years ago when I first became a mother. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up...I would say "A Mother!" Yes, all of my children are grown now, some married, some far away, but I have to stop and remember as Mother's Day approaches the joys, sad times, heartaches, and victories that are rolled into my life as a Mom.

My Top Ten Memories Of Being a Mother

10: When my first one was born...I sanitized every item of baby the time my 4th one came along...he was lucky if the dog didn't lick it first.

9: Raising polled herfords as a family allowed my childern to learn different things. The most memoriable one was...Kacy asking me "Did daddy breed you???" and Ryan responding..."of course silly...4 times!! (Yes, I have 4 children)

8: Four graduations from kindergarten and in just a turn of the head...4 graduations from High School.

7: Getting a call from my daugher AFTER she had been to Mardi Gras her freshman year of college.

6: Finding out on Christmas mornings for years without my knowledge, Kacy woke her three brothers to peek at what Santa Claus had left everyone under the wonder she was so upset the year Santa decided to wrap the gifts.

5: Learning first hand why "slice" is a golf term. Brent (age 5) had a great golf swing that connected to Brandon's (age 7) ear...stiches were needed!

4: Baseball, softball, football, band, soccer, sports...I enjoyed watching my children as they participated in the team sports. They tell me I enjoyed it more than they did...;-)

3: Watching all four go through the divorce and remarriage of their mother with grace and dignity even though they didn't ask for either.

2: Getting two phone almost 12 years ago and one 4 years ago announcing that I would be moving to a higher calling...GRANDMOTHER

1: But the most important, four precious trips to stand at the end of the aisle with each child as they trustingly gave their heart and life to God and professed their belief in Jesus.

I can't leave this topic without thinking of my Mother, Kathryn Maudel Barnes Dossett, who is now residing in Heaven. I would not be who I am today if not for her. She was dedicated to her family and loved each of her children. But, she loved the Lord and would spend time with Him and then teach us how to know Him. Thank you Mother! I love you and miss you.

I am sure this week-end I will be flooded with memories. But, the joy of being a mother to adults is even BETTER!

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James, Paige, and Taylor Wamble said...

Hey Mrs Marilyn!!! I found you through your comments on Shelby and Angie's page!! I am so glad you have a blog.. it's so nice to be able to keep up with people!! Your family is precious and seems so happy!! Take care!!