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I had a great week-end with two of my grandchildren. Being a blended family, all of my grandchildren are special...for you see they almost all have been born since Charles and I married, so blood or by marriage...I have 6 grandchildren. But, this past week-end the two blood grands were around, so I had a great time with the camera, their posing, and then adding in their dads and mom. Daley is Ryan's almost 12 year old. He lives with his wonderful mom and step-dad and two younger siblings in Clinton. He loves to come see his Mimi. I have to fix French Toast when he visits and he eats until he can't fit one more bite! He loves to visit with his Dad, and they enjoy each other.

Daley and Ryan

If you look real close you can see such a resemblance. It is so fun to watch my sons interact with their sons. As a grandmother, it blesses me to see them do some of the same things that was done with them as children.
Brandon and Rain
There is a verse I would pray for my children and would like to pray for them and their children,
Isaiah 54:13 All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace.

What a wonderful freeing verse. As a parent I had such a driving idea that I should be always in a mode of "instruction and teaching" with relationship to my children. Just this moment as I have reread the above verse, how confident I am for my children and grandchildren WILL be taught by the Lord!! I look forward to hearing them share how the Lord has taught them, and lessons they have learned.
If Children are blessings from God...Grandchildren must be double portion!
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