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In a cabin in a wood, little man by the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by...OK, you get the idea. Click on the collage and get a glimpse of our little gettaway! It is 16 minutes from Oxford (between Oxford and New Albany) We are looking forward to football games (I know...Charles is an OLE MISS grad). We will not have to travel home on late night games.

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A Happy Anniversay

What a wonderful surprise! Today, Charles and I have been married for 11 years. It is hard to imagine how fast that time has gone. God blessed me by putting Charles in my life. When I think back over the last 11 years, so many memories come flooding back. Being a second marriage for us both, there were hurdles to jump, baggage to "unpack" and get rid of, differences to recognize, but our dependence on God has bound us together.

To his children and mine...thank you for allowing us to form a family together!


The Battle of the Pool

The Instructions read "up and ready in 15 minutes!" HA! Rain is having as much fun in 2 inches of water! Take a LOOK!

BTW...because of the slight slope in the is still NOT UP! ;-)


Glenda's Give Away

NOOOO I don't want anyone to go to Glenda's Blog .

She is giving away a precious basket...don't go and look...don't leave a comment...don't try to win it!!! I WANT IT!!!

( on Glenda's name) ;-)


Too Funny!

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

40th Year Class Reunion

The email has arrived, the plans are being made, hotel room secured (thanks to my sister-in-law, Cheryl) and my calendar has been marked. In 21 weeks Charles and I will travel to Natchez, MS to attend my 40th Year High School Reunion. I have never been so excited about an upcoming event as this.

It will also be the same week-end as the Great Mississippi Balloon Race (how wonderful for them to plan that for the same week-end! *wink*) Click on link to find out more.

The class mates have met and have a great plan for us for the week-end. I will copy Glynn Laird's email to this post as soon as I am able to access it.

Also, check out WeighDown2009 for my weight goal as I approach the October dates! Click on title to find more.

I can't wait to see former classmates. I have heard by email from Pam Smith, Glynn and Mary Lou Laird, Pam Thompson (opps, forgot married name), Debbie Eyrich Bonner, Debbie Leftwich, Janice, Terri, Robert, Darryl, Martha Jane, Carol...I am looking forward to this so much.

I realize I have allowed life to get in the way of keeping up with fellow friends and classmates. The next 40 years will go by as fast, so I want to try and do better with keeping in touch! We'll see. ;-)



Myspace Layouts


My 25 pound Star from Weight Watchers

Kacy made this for me several Mother's Days ago

Frame from Graduation

Color Week - Saturday Violet

Color Week - Friday Blue


Color Week - Thursday Green

Color Week - Wednesday Yellow

Green Tea in a Yellow Box...Go Figure!



BLOG Anniversary

If you take notice on my Blogoversary 6 Days my BLOG will be 1 year OLD!

All I want as a gift????



If you are here to see the fishing HERE.

These picture project refers to COLOR WEEK...a color a day.

In honor of my OLE MISS husband!


Give a Man a Fish...Saturday, March 21

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese Proverb

Saturday morning...yes I had to wake up before the sun came up to travel to Noxapater to find the elusive crappie (white perch).

Of course...Charles is elated! The first fishing trip fo the Spring. You'll notice the sweatshirt...yes it was COLD!

Charles pointed out the dogwood trees blooming...that means they are going to be biting!!! Well, that's what he said! I GOOGLED the idea...and sure enough there are references to back his statement!

Putting the boat into the pond. Thank you Johnny and Belinda for letting us visit your pond! I believe Charles said it was 75 - 80 acres. Does that mean it may be a lake?

I have my minnow on my jig pole. (How quick I learned the lingo!)

Charles is ready....

Marilyn is ready....let the games begin! I caught the first fish!!!! It was too small, so it got to go back in the water.
Charles caught the next little one...back in the water it went!

AH HA!!!! I caught a big one....then
I caught another one...I was up 2 to 0!!! But Charles' pole got warm and he started bringing in the fish!

I caught 5 big ones...he caught 4 big ones...but, he caught the BIGGEST of them all. We caught 20 fish in all.

Mercy, the cat, loves this part. Charles spreads the loot on the picnic table and begins the artful task of "cleaning" the catch.

You can see how big they are. Charles usually fillets the fish, but we decided to try something different. Because they were such a good size, we decided to bake the fish whole. So, he gutted them (OUCH) and cut their heads off...TMI?????
The master at work...this has always amazed me to watch him., I did not volunteer to learn how to do it!
Here is the recipe! 2 T lite mayonaise, mustard, and lemon juice. Spread over both sides of the fish. Roll in aluminum foil pouches. Bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

Added steamed cabbage (leftovers) and a baked sweet potatoe! It was delicious.

'nough Said!!!!


COLOR WEEK - Day by Day

My friend Glenda connected to the project by Lynn over at Little Red Hen . She got inspired visit her site to see, THAT'S 2 CUTE Well, I am now inspired to work on my own COLOR WEEK.

Glenda wrote, "I wanted to participate but my week was too full. I enjoyed visiting her blog and seeing the photos she had for the week. I've decided to do color week, this week. If you would like to participate just leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list."

Here's the assignment.

Sunday: rainbow of colors
Monday: red
Tuesday: orange
Wednesday: yellow
Thursday: green
Friday: blue
Saturday: violet
Sunday: rainbow of colors if you want to participate with Marilyn (ME)...leave a comment and I'll add you to the list! I will begin my COLOR WEEK on Sunday, March 22, 2009!

Where has the MONTH Gone?

I haven't been a faithful blogger on this site for quite a while. Since my dad passed away, I have not had the energy to write. I miss him! But, it is time to get back to reading and writing!

Please take a few minutes, click on the picture of my daugher, top left column, and see some samples of her newspaper work. She is so talented. I aspire to be as good a writer one day! Kacy is in Chicago...but maybe one day God will make a way for her to move closer. I miss her! Of course we talk everyday...more than once...and she feels closer than she is.


Susie Q

After loosing Stella 6 months ago, I had not wanted to think of another puppy. But, out of the blue yesterday, Charles and I were reading the TRADEWINDS paper and guess what we found. SUSIE Q a 2 month old fiest/rat terrier.

If you can't find her...look in Charles' lap. That is where she has been since she came home with us. He says she will be his new fishing buddy!


Lessons with Claire

My ganddaughter, Claire Matherne, is sitting by me holding Sophie her American Girl Doll, asking me how to blog. HOT DOG! I may have a new blogger right here. She is in the 2nd grade, and I have already discovered, she is very SMART! I am so proud of Claire. (and pawpaw said..."well I'm proud of her too! and I love her so!"

I am showing her how to use the control panel. I will have fun with Claire being my blogging buddy!


January 20, 2009

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