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Give a Man a Fish...Saturday, March 21

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese Proverb

Saturday morning...yes I had to wake up before the sun came up to travel to Noxapater to find the elusive crappie (white perch).

Of course...Charles is elated! The first fishing trip fo the Spring. You'll notice the sweatshirt...yes it was COLD!

Charles pointed out the dogwood trees blooming...that means they are going to be biting!!! Well, that's what he said! I GOOGLED the idea...and sure enough there are references to back his statement!

Putting the boat into the pond. Thank you Johnny and Belinda for letting us visit your pond! I believe Charles said it was 75 - 80 acres. Does that mean it may be a lake?

I have my minnow on my jig pole. (How quick I learned the lingo!)

Charles is ready....

Marilyn is ready....let the games begin! I caught the first fish!!!! It was too small, so it got to go back in the water.
Charles caught the next little one...back in the water it went!

AH HA!!!! I caught a big one....then
I caught another one...I was up 2 to 0!!! But Charles' pole got warm and he started bringing in the fish!

I caught 5 big ones...he caught 4 big ones...but, he caught the BIGGEST of them all. We caught 20 fish in all.

Mercy, the cat, loves this part. Charles spreads the loot on the picnic table and begins the artful task of "cleaning" the catch.

You can see how big they are. Charles usually fillets the fish, but we decided to try something different. Because they were such a good size, we decided to bake the fish whole. So, he gutted them (OUCH) and cut their heads off...TMI?????
The master at work...this has always amazed me to watch him., I did not volunteer to learn how to do it!
Here is the recipe! 2 T lite mayonaise, mustard, and lemon juice. Spread over both sides of the fish. Roll in aluminum foil pouches. Bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

Added steamed cabbage (leftovers) and a baked sweet potatoe! It was delicious.

'nough Said!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'am impressed , didn't know you were a fisherman [women]. thanks for recipies. I joined WW Monday, so send me some tips. I feel like I eat too much, but they say they are 0 points so I go for them. What is sugar free jello? I love it!! congradulations, I hope I get there before my class reunion. How long did it take. RUby