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In a cabin in a wood, little man by the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by...OK, you get the idea. Click on the collage and get a glimpse of our little gettaway! It is 16 minutes from Oxford (between Oxford and New Albany) We are looking forward to football games (I know...Charles is an OLE MISS grad). We will not have to travel home on late night games.

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A Happy Anniversay

What a wonderful surprise! Today, Charles and I have been married for 11 years. It is hard to imagine how fast that time has gone. God blessed me by putting Charles in my life. When I think back over the last 11 years, so many memories come flooding back. Being a second marriage for us both, there were hurdles to jump, baggage to "unpack" and get rid of, differences to recognize, but our dependence on God has bound us together.

To his children and mine...thank you for allowing us to form a family together!


The Battle of the Pool

The Instructions read "up and ready in 15 minutes!" HA! Rain is having as much fun in 2 inches of water! Take a LOOK!

BTW...because of the slight slope in the is still NOT UP! ;-)


Glenda's Give Away

NOOOO I don't want anyone to go to Glenda's Blog .

She is giving away a precious basket...don't go and look...don't leave a comment...don't try to win it!!! I WANT IT!!!

( on Glenda's name) ;-)