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Ok goes!

Maybe I should spend more time house cleaning and less time blogging....NAY!

I love the smell of anything Charles is cooking when I get home from work.

People would say that funny...never meet a my family...look younger than I actually am.

I don't understand why Justin Cooper had to die, but I do know God allowed it and I pray others will seek God in this time of loss.

When I wake up in the morning I am grateful for a good nights rest, and look forward to what the day holds.

I lost my willpower to lose weight...I hope I can find it again.

Life is what you make it. Yes, an old saying, but true.

My past made me old...HA! I have alot of past, good, bad, and indifferent.

I get annoyed when I loose my temper...which is annoying!

Parties are not a good time to end a friendship.

Dogs are such great companions. They get excited everytime they see you. Don't ask for money...or the keys to the car.

Cats are self-centered, egotistical, but when they give you feels great.

Tomorrow is a sad day...Justin Cooper's body will arrive at the Columbus Airport and begin a sad week-end.

I have a low tolerance for those who don't try...even in failure you can learn.

I'm totally terrified of snakes. 'nuff said.

I wonder why I thought my life would be pain free.

I always knew I would have children. And I am so glad I did.

Never in my life have I lived outside of Mississippi.

High School was a LONG TIME AGO! I loved my high school years. OK...confession. My 40th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION will be in 2009.

When I'm nervous I talk alot. Well hmmm when I'm happy, I talk

One time at a family gathering...hard to think of ONE thing. When my children were young and my mother was alive...the family gathering I loved most was everyone at her house for Thanksgiving. Great Memories.

Take my advice and pray for your family, yourself, and others. "The prayers of a righteous man availeth much." He is always there listening.

Making my bed is not a daily occurance, but when it is made...I love it!

I'm almost always happy.


I want someone to COMMENT to this BLOG!

I tag Leanne, Amy, Suzan, Andrea, Morgan, Ashleigh, and Donna.


donna manning said...

Here is your comment! I have responded to your tag. It only took me an hour becuz I'm not techno-savvy!
It was amazing that I would have responded the same way as you about most of the questions. I guess that is why we are forever friends.
We will get together soon.......real soon.

Julie Murphy said...

Hey Marilyn, This is so cool to find you!! My daughter Megan moved to Florida in May so I decided to blog so that she would feel close to us. I am not very good at keeping it up but I love to keep up with others!! I love your blog. Looking forward to seeing more!! Julie Murphy

Melanieshea said...

you are tooo funny! :)