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September 1st

It is an effort...but I am back. After posting about Stella...I found it was hard to come back. But, favorite time of the year is here. So, I'm Back. I have to catch up with the three last weeks. Alot has gone on that I have not shared.

1st: All 6 grandchildren were at the house three week-ends ago. IT was so much fun to have them all there. My 12 year old grandsons are really changing from young boys to young men. Of course Rain (4 years old) caught some grief from being the youngest...boy do I remember that since I was the youngest also.

We swam, ate, played beauty shop (which the boys messed up), played ball, went to Racoon Ridge (just the boys) and shot Daley's BB Pistol. I was not good with BB guns as a can imagine how bad I am as a grandmother!

Thanks Brooke for taking the pictures for me. I kept telling the kids...that's all I want is a picture of ALL of you. Thanks Daley, Rain, Brett, Ally, Claire, and Kali for Mimi's pictures!

NEXT: Charles and I had being making plans to visit Brian and Melissa in Dallas, TX. So on August 22, 2008 we took off from Eupora at 7:30am to Dallas. Of course there had to be issues. I was following Charles (I was taking Brent's truck to him...more about that later) I noticed my back tire (Charles was driving my car) was low. We took it home, traded stuff into Charles' truck and we were off again.

The 8ish hour drive was not bad. Charles, so good with directions, took us straight to Brian and Melissa's downtown apartment. On Friday night Charles and I had our first experience with SUSHI ZUSHI on Turtle Creek. Kacy, I owe you an apology!!! You have tried to get me to eadt Sushi with you for years...OMG! It was favorites on their menu...Bora Bora and Cajun something...thanks Brian and Melissa.

On Saturday morning, I woke early to go pick up Brent at Sheppards Air Force Base, two hours away. He was excited about getting his pick-up and I was excited about seeing him. On Saturday night we went to Texas de Brazil Since Charles and family had lived in Brazil when Brian was little, we had looked forward to them being able to eat down memory lane. It was enjoyable hearing them speak portugese and talk about different memories. Brent and I just enjoyed the food. We had our picture taken...and as soon as Melissa finds her cord to her camera...I will add to the blog.

We left for home on Sunday. Good bye Dallas, Brent, Brian, Melissa...and Olympics closing ceremony.

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donna manning said...

We live parallel lives! I went to Dallas this summer, and ate sushi for the first time! We can now eat it together, if we ever have another meal together :)
Please pray for my brother in Dallas. He has been diagnosed with mouth cancer-will go to specialist Tuesday, the 2nd for treatment plan.
Someone has a birthday soon!
Love you,
Nurse Good body