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Our Stella

It is with sadness that I share we have lost our Stella on 08.08.08. She was outside and of course the unthinkable happened. She was hit by a car. Thankfully, she never saw it coming nor suffered. Charles and I shed tears this morning remembering how she had to be in your face...loved to be patted. He even asked Jesus to give her a pat this morning.

As we were leaving the house I noticed Greta was in but not Stella. We looked and Ryan spotted Stella. Charles and I both said..."No, that isn't her." But Ryan was correct. He was the one who picked her up and wrapped her for burial. We took her to Choctaw "Racoon Ridge" and Ryan buried her with some help from me. Charles couldn't help at the time.

She died a loved pet. We will miss her "speaking" to us as she often did when she wanted to play, eat, or go outside. Thank you Stella for all those wet kisses. She also gave me a precious Granddog, Huxley that lives with Kacy in Chicago.


Shauna said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Randi's page. We are excited to see God's people come together and lift up my sister. He is going to do amazing things through this.


Lori Cox said...

Miss Marilyn~ I am so glad I came across your blog! I just found Kacy on facebook, too. I have often thought of you and your family over the years. I am sorry to hear the sad news of your Stella. I will add you to my blog list so that i can stay in touch with you. I will also tell mom about your blog, she will be so excited. So good to see everyone doing so well. :)
~Lori Hallmark Cox

Amy J said...

Mare - I'm so sorry I didn't know about Stella...I know how much you loved her. She was so sweet!!