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One Week Later has been a week since the TV hit the floor. Many of you have asked how it all turned out. Here is the overview...
  • the morning after I tried to talk to the manager before I left for the conference but she did not come to work on time...and I had to leave
  • turned the "talking" over to Charles. I gave him her name and phone number. He called the last time at 10:30 am but no May Li
  • I talked to him after the conference as I was on my way to Hattiesburg and Charles summation was...They have us over a barrel. When May Li was asked about the TV, she said emphatically...I was going to pay. Charles became a fit frustrated trying to talk to her because she was a bit rude...and nothing makes him more upset than a young person being rude to elders.
  • Charles called Better Business Burea...fill out a complaint on the Internet...Called Quality Inn corporate office...that was a joke.
  • I considered stopping by as I left Gautier...but I was tired and really didn't want to go through what Charles went through.
  • I decided to call May Li. I enquired about the Inn having insurance...she said not for a TV...what if I had gotten hurt? What if a child had been hurt? I told her I should have stayed in the Hampton Inn across the street which has flat screen plasmas bolted on the wall ;-)
  • After 20 or so minutes with me trying to encourage her to do the QUALITY thing...we came to me paying half. IT IS NOT THE COST OF THE TV...I just wonder what is right?

Charles keeps checking the credit card to see if it has been posted...but it hasn't yet. So...TV or not TV...that is the question!

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