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Did I Do That?

All I can say did that happen? Here is my story and I am sticking to it. I had just arrived at the Quality Inn in Ocean Springs, MS. Upon entering my room I discovered to flush the commode I had to do the old fashion...take the back off and pull the chain inside! OK...I can handle that.

I turned the TV on to watch my favorite...So You Think You Can Dance...Katee and Josh are paired together gosh I had to...down to the last 6. Charles and I spoke on the phone to decide who we thought may make it on.

My computer was set up on the little table by the TV Console. It was on a swivel table and I swiveled it toward me as I was working on my computer...I had promised the last call I had before I left the RCU that I would have him in Blackboard site tonight so he could get ready for school tomorrow. I touched the TV to swivel...down it came to the floor. I called the front desk and said, "Ahhh...You aren't going to believe what just happened! The TV has fallen out and is busted!" And then I asked the first thing I could think of..."You do have insurance for something like this, don't you?" NO MA'M YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE TV! I tried to explain I was an almost 60 year old woman who wasn't jumping on the bed (yet) and the TV was not secured very well. I don't think I am going to win my case. She said she would have to talk to her manager.

I called back and said...well?? Could you come down and help me? She said..."I'm busy right now!" Oh she was busy alright...checking in Denise and Laura. The clerk told them someone from MSU had just busted a TV! Denise asked..."is it Marilyn Bowen???" Thank goodness Denise was next door...I am staying with her. I don't care what is on TV...I AM NOT touching it!

I walked up to the front one more time in tears and was confirmed that the busted TV is now mine...but I can talk to the manager in the morning. I called Charles and he said...get me the corporate number...I will be glad to call! Sweet Hubbie! Well, I will keep you posted what happens.

Laura, Denise and I are going to have a bite to eat...go to sleep. Poor Denise...I hope I don't keep her awake bawling...what an experience. OK..goodnight.


Samantha said...

It's been forever!! This is Samantha O'Bryant. I know you had a bad night but I couldn't help but laugh. That is some bad luck, huh? I just read this to Brandon. His response? "well, that's what she gets for staying at a Quality Inn" HA

I really hope you don't have to pay for the TV. I enjoy reading your blog and catching up on everyone. You will have to check ours out.

Glenda said...

Oh my! This sounds like something I'd do....what a night.Surely you won't have to pay for the TV. If you do, this needs to be turned over to Judge Judy.

You are staying in the road aren't you girl? I thought you were out of town all last week as well. Maybe you need to start staying at the Holiday Inn Express...I hear it makes you much smarter.