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Blog Redo

As you can tell...I have had fun making my blog "stylish!" I noticed how cute Morgan Abraham had made their I asked her for help to make mine pretty too!!! She sent me to a wonderful blog designer's website. Please visit Leelou Blogs. There are several free designs on the right side bar of her site. Have a Ball!!

Leelou Blogs

Thank you Leelou for sharing your designs. I would love to learn how to create the different designs. Maybe soon...

I have been following So You Think You Can Dance The Top 10 show July 17 paired my favorite Katee with Will. The last dance they preformed was called Pas De Deux. It was absolutely beautiful. I posted it here...for one reason, so I can view at will! ;-) Well...I guess I will have to wait until I figure out HOW! HA...Donna Manning, I need you to tell me how to add a YouTube video to my blog!!!

Video coming attraction...until then here is the link!

So...if you are watching SYTYCD...who do you want to win???


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