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Remembering Royce

Royce Scott Sesser (08.31.48 - 11.29.08) We were married for 24 years of his life. We had four precious children, Ryan (34), Kacy (32), Brandon (28), and Brent (25). We also had 2 grandchildren, Daley (12) and Rain (4).

Since Michelle, his wife of 11 years called me last Saturday morning to share the sad news, I have spent many hours remembering. Even though the water was rough that ran under our bridge, I'll have to say "the ride" was worth it.

He used to say..."I've been married to Marilyn for X amount of years...and 2 of them were happy!" Proposed to be a is almost true. I don't want to spend the last few hours thinking of our rocky marriage...I want to share what God has done in the last few months.

Several Saturdays ago, I made the trip to the Veteran's Memorial Home, where Royce was the last few months since he suffered a stroke. I had not seen him in several years. I am so grateful I took the time to visit him and spend a few minutes with him along with Brandon, Brent and Ryan. I was saddened as I watched him in his suffering. God knew more than I, the visit would be the last.

Also, Michelle has been so considerate of my children and me by including us on every move and plan she makes about the funeral...which will be December 3, 2008 at Annunciation in Columbus, MS at 11:00am. I will always be grateful to Michelle for including me and our children in Royce's farewell.

I praise God for the good times Royce and I shared together. I would not be who I am today had he not traveled through my life. God, be merciful and welcome Royce to abide with you.
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Andrea Evans said...

Awww...Mimi, that made me CRY! Even thought I hadn't seen him in years, I will always remember how good he was to me as a daughter-in-law. It's really wonderful that you were able to see him one last time...I'm sure it meant a lot to him. That picture is GREAT by the way! Love you bunches!

Samantha said...

Our thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family. Please let us know if we can do anything for you guys!

Melanieshea said...

I have been thinking and praying for you all. I am so glad that you got to see him one last time and visit with him.

Janet Scarbrough said...

Mrs. Marilyn,
I have been thinking about everyone since hearing about Mr. Royce. I will continue to pray for ya'll during this time. I'm glad that you and the boys went to see him. I will be at visitation tomorrow and hope to see you and the kids. I love you all very much.
Janet Scarbrough

donna manning said...

I couldn't help but love him, even when he made me mad! Thank you for honoring him in that way. God has really done a work.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Love you,

Glenda said...

Marilyn, so sorry to hear about Royce. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children. What a special lady you are, and I'm glad you got to see him along with the boys. Give Brent my love.

Rebecca said...

My daughter, Alex, is Harli's best friend from school. She left Tuscaloosa to attend the funeral today at Harli's request. Our prayers are with everyone.
-- Rebecca Todd Minder

Blair, Ben, and Mary Bishop said...

Oh Mrs. Marilyn, You never cease to amaze me. You have always been such a strong and loving woman. Your words so touch my heart. I am so sorry I could not be there today but have been thinking of Brandon and the rest of the family daily. I spent some great times with your family and I am so thankful God allowed me to get to know your family. I love you and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Blair

Anonymous said...

As you know Kacy met Wade & Brandon and immediately made them a part of your family. You were such a good influence on all the kids around you and I thank you for that. Even though you were hurting there was never a word about it and I am so sorry about Royce. There were good and bad times like in any marriage but look what precious children /grandchildren you have because of him. My thought and praryers are with you during this time.

Melinda Smith

Jean aldy said...

I didn't know about Royce. I am so sorry for your Family. I always liked Royce....just wasn't fond of the hurt you and kids went through.