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Pray for My Dad

My 84 year old dad, Clarence Edward Dossett, is facing a time of weakness. I have always heard people say they wished they had said...

Well, before the time comes for me to say goodbye to my Dad, I want to say...
I have never had a problem understanding the Love of the Heavenly Father, because I have had such a loving earthly father. Being the baby of the family, I was always accused of having my dad wrapped. I guess that always made me feel special.
My dad makes people smile. FUNNY! I will reqret that I didn't tape or at least write down his jokes. Maybe my brothers will help me remember some.
My dad is a loving man. When my mother had a stroke, he gave up 3 years of his life giving her day to day care. He loves his 4 children, grandchildren, and greats.
My dad is a sharing man. If he has money, he gives it away.
My dad is a praying man, "the prayers of a righteous man..."The blessing of the father has been passed on to his children. He prays for us daily. He prays for all.
My dad is wonderfully and beautifully made.

Daddy, I love you and I praise God you are my dad!

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