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Next Week With the Boys

It is Saturday and I am thinking of all the things I want to do with my 2 grandsons Daley - (my son Ryan's son who just turned 12) and Brett (Charles' son Toby's son who will be 12 in October) I have created a poster for each day to allow some sort of AGENDA (boy am I controlling or just nervous since it has been so long having young ones!) I will include a picture later of my HALL of Posters! I know swimming will be on the agenda often...not just for the boys! Charles and I have really been enjoying the pool! are some ideas of what is in store for the week: Swimming, making cookies, tie-dyeing t-shirts (what a memory...that was something I did with my children at the first of each summer to have t-shirts alike) and pillow cases to take home, cooking out with Brandon, Amy, Rain, Ryan and PawPaw, watching a good movie, playing games with Mimi and PawPaw and catching fire flies. (I don't remember ever seeing as many as I am seeing this summer.)

I pray that the time they spend with Charles and I will be a fond memory of their childhood. Thank you God for these two boys! Pictures to come!


Angie said...

Hey Mrs. Marilyn! I will be coming to see you soon...trying to get prepared for this IC3 test! :( Love your blog! Have a great week...will be calling you soon!

donna manning said...

Oh, no, not the posters!!! Boy, do I remember those. Good times.
You owe me lunch.

Andrea Evans said...

Daley had so much fun with ya'll...he always does! E-mail me pics when you get a chance so I can do a scrapbook page for him! Oh, and I love the tie-dyed shirt...I just saw it today because he crammed his bag under his bed when he got home, of course! Love ya'll!

Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

Hey Mrs. Marilyn! I have been checking out your blog. It's good to see everyone is doing well.

Morgan said...

Hey Mrs. Marilyn! The background is really easy to do once you find a site that give you step by step instructions. I went to and the side bars on the right have different names of backgrounds you can use. They are free and precious! I'm off to pick up little Slugger after a weekend stay at the puppy hotel!