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October - T

The first "t" that came into my mind was the cross...I thank God for his son, Jesus, who willingly gave his life that I may have eteranl life. My decision was made when I was 6 years old at Fellowship Baptist Church (later renamed Parkway Baptist Church) in Natchez, MS. Through out the following 5oish years, Jesus has been close to me in all things. I pray that if you don't know HIM, you will email me or ask someone near about HIM.

Another T.....TEAM
I remember one of my sons having a team shirt with that saying on the back. There are some team efforts I find myself in for that motto! Work marriage is a team effort! How often a task would be lighter if the TOGETHER was an intregal part in the activity.
One more written earlier... I am a member of an important team and God is the coach!

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