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Family Ties?

This post may take me longer than I have time to do it right now...but I am going to get started.

On the way back from Dallas, TX...Charles, Brent, Brooke and I were traveling along when I say a sign for Dairy Queen. Charles and I had been talking how Dairy Queen seems to be gone from MS...but we saw one on every corner in TX. We decided before we started our "DIET" on Monday, we would have one last DQ.

I turned off at the sign, which led to a 7 mile ride into Edgewood, TX. Farmland, small town, quiet, really neat...but 3 miles before we found DQ to my left was a home place named Dossett Lane. The gentleman was out in the yard raking leaves and I stated to my riders...if he is still there when we come back by, I'm stopping. Of course, there were moans and laughter from the back seat.

We finally found the Dairy Queen (I am surprised a town with 1, 300 population got to HAVE a DQ). Charles ordered a large chocolate malt...and I ordered my favorite, a DIP TOP CONE.

Now 4 miles back toward Interstate 20, we are passing the house but HE is not there. Charles said...go back and see. That was all I needed. He was in the back feeding his 3 head of black calves and his chained up white pit-bull was barking his head off. I looked back at the car wondering if I had had the best idea...and my cone was melting down my hand.

He finally walked over, saying he couldn't hear very well as I tried to explain:

"Hello, I'm Marilyn Bowen and I was a Dossett, am a Dossett." Sounds lame now...I tried to tell him as fast as I could about my 86 year old dad and where he was from. Mr. J.L. Dossett (I would find out) was from Irving, TX but had moved to Edgewood, TX 20 years ago. He is now 81. He invited me in to meet his wife...and yes, I was having to lick my cone. I tried to find a garbage can...

I asked if I could take his picture...oh let me go back and he was feeding his cows as we drove in both Charles and Brent said, "Oh, my gosh...he looks just like D.D. (Your dad) walking."

So here are the photos...I don't know if there is some relation down the pike...but I have always heard that Dossett genes were strong...what do you think?

My Dad, C.E. Dossett

Mr. J.L. Dossett

He and his wife

This is the one that freaks me out...I remember a young picture of dad that resembles this...but also, my brother, Bobby's senior picture. I had such a great time stopping makes me want to dig deeper in my families geneology. I have been hearing on TV about a great genelogical help website...may have to look it up!


Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

What a neat story!

Tracy said...

I wanted to comment on this post. You really should do a little genealogy work, you'd love it I promise. I do anyway. It's so addictive. I have been a member of for over a year now and it is such helpful website.