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Final Call

If you need to refer back....
This is the final call for the WORD of the YEAR Give Away...if your name is picked from the Super Duper Name Picker on January 19, 2009, you will be sent your
created by Andrea Evans
(sample below)

So let's get those words in TODAY!!!!

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donna manning said...

OK, after much thought and consideration (and a whole lot of STUFF going on) my word is: are you ready???? SURRENDERED
Surrendered:To give up possession of; to yield; to resign; as, to surrender a right, privilege, or advantage.
Even though I love aligned, I think that my theme for this year is to be surrendered to what God wants for me.
I'm listening to "I Stand In Awe of You" on my IPOD right now. Can't hear that song without seeing you singing and worshipping.
Love you, Donna