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American Idol Watch

OK...I admit it, I am an Idol Watcher! Maybe there is a deeply hidden desire to be the Next American Idol suppressed in me. Does anyone out there see the need to add yet ONE MORE contest driven TV reality show??? I want to be the first in line for the audition to become the first AMERCIAN GERIATRIC IDOL!

I am sad to see Brooke go. No, I didn't think she would be the next IDOL, but I did like her smile, sincerity, and her stand for God and morality. Did you remember at her 2nd or 3rd audition, she mentioned she didn't drink, smoke...etc? And, when she lifted her hands and said "Thank you" above, I sensed her dependence on the Almighty.

The You Tube video above was really talked about all today...The Paula Abdul flub to me was just FUNNY! I felt the whole show was a bit rushed, and the contestants didn't have any flash or dash. I think ole Paula was bored and forgot where they were in the show...hadn't Ryan told them their remarks would come after the second song....and then he asked them to give a quick response after the first go round???

OH WELL...I guess I am going to go for David Cooke

Alright, it is time for you to leave your comments. Am I spending too much time on this pass time of American Idol??

If you are an AIW...who do you think will be the NEXT American Idol?

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