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Why Worry?

"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. ' Matthew 6:28
As Spring is working its magic, everywhere I look God reminds me not to worry. Life does not give us a free ride. There are so many opportunites life gives me to revert to worry. As a mother, I want the best for my children and the enemy tempts me with worry. But God says "and why do you worry?"

I look around at my neighbors going through illness, tragedies, fear and the enemy tempts me with worry for them. But God says "and why do you worry?"

We are losing american young people in a war that seems to be right, but I worry about the families and their losses. But God says "and why do you worry?"
We are called to trust GOD. A bible verse that I used to repeat in my childhood when night time noises and dark shadows intruded in my safe bedroom was, "What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee!" OK, I is a bible verse I repeat often as I walk through my days.

So tonight, I choose to trust God. When fears filter in, when worry tries to take control, I will walk among the lilies and her again God whisper "and why do you worry?"


Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

I am a worrier, and I get it honest.:) Thanks for sharing this. It's true, we worry about ourselves, we worry about others, we worry for our children, and all this time God has it under His control.

Glad to have reconnected with were like a second mom to me for so many years, soooo I hereby declare you an honorary grandmother to Crew & Carrington. I promise to blog often to keep Mimi Marilyn in the know of our daily happenings.:)

Lots of love to you

donna manning said...

I guess SHE was referring to me (in the previous post)! I, too, needed to hear this. I am a worrier, and I know that not one second of that worrying can accomplish anything. Only God.
Summer is coming, and I will see you. I must see you.
Nurse Goodbody