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A Time To Plant

It is that time again! Onions, potatoes, tomatoes...have been planted. Don't you love spring and getting outside? Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and the sun is shining.

Kacy called from Chicago on Sunday to tell me it was snowing! I keep telling her to come back SOUTH! Right now she is so happy and loving her job. I wanted to link to her site, but I think her's is on Face Book so I will have to find out where and how to do that.

Rain, my 4 year old grandson rides part way to work with me each morning...oh the conversations we have. This morning he said, "Mimi, when I find a boy just like me living in a house just like mine, I have to tell my mom and dad." What a great time to tell him how God had created only ONE of him. I explained how down to his fingerprint...he was made special. The look on his face of course was priceless.

If you read this post...God wants you to know...You are special. There is noone just like you!

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Ilona said...

An uplifting post and darling garden picture. I have a thing for neat vegetable plots! Thanks for sharing both.

You are making a very nice blog here and you linked me! How can I not love you?